Yamaha F225 4 Stroke 2003 Noise In Top

Yamaha F225 4 Stroke 2003 Noise In Top | Ran home in the storm winds and rough and sudden loss of power of your Yamaha F225 2003 Outboard and then slowed down and disappeared into the harbor. Has this disaster happen to you? Are you aware it seems fuel related? which then learning that you have carried out the main tank sucked dry and probably everything in the bottom.

Maybe after you figuring the fuel loss problem and maybe you switching the valve to the Auxilllary tank, you have been able to launch both the motor and run. The port motor now has a waffle or chatter at 2000 RPM. For motors which produced in 2003 and have at least 1200 hours. Your Yamaha F225 Outboard should ran great and no noise before and after the fuel.

Here, you're wondering what can cause noise, fuel starvation will cause damage to the valve motor work? What is the best way to know which direction the sound comes and removes the noise?

Running out of fuel shouldn't damage an injected motor. The 10 micron should have stopped the crap from reaching the motor. Do the usual, check the oil, underhood fuel filter etc. When you were rolling around in rough seas you might have splashed some water onto the timing belt. 

Try idling the motors with the timing cover off. No need to worry that the sound is not coming from the valve as you all think.
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