Yamaha Outboard Engine F115TLR, Difference Between F115TLR Plane Bearings Colour

Yamaha Outboard Engine F115TLR, Difference Between F115TLR Plane Bearings Colour | There must be a question in the minds of the Yamaha outboard engine users F115TLR about the difference between the yamaha outboard parts color plane bearing PN # 67F-11416-10-00 blue bearing and PN # 67F-11.416-00-00 green bearing. For your information, the colors are different sizes containing the shells to get fit and clearance. 

You need to have the service user to know the bearing color table will give the proper clearance to the crank. But first you have provided on your yamaha motor year, were produce. 

But based on the number and user differences in the thickness of the yamaha outboard parts bearings. Blue bearings designed to provide relief of less than 0.008mm green bearing. This is very little difference. You can always gather with plastigage to check that the cleaning in the spec and use the blue link. 

Suggest you download the guide shop Yamaha at moderate cost and gives the correct info on the bearing clearance and other main spec emissions for 2001 through 2003 Yamaha 0.024 to 0, 044 mm in accordance with the ordinary user.

Someone asked the question before, what is the plane bearing that he should keep the stock to be able to repair the engine if something happen? The answer is, why did he want to stock aircraft bearings?  Usually it not have to fail unless the engine has a lot of hours on it and then who knows what might happen. 

Usually you can find the cause quickly and crankshaft bearings that you need to disassemble the motor and inspect and measure as may be necessary before ordering a special bearing for the work.
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