2004 60 Hp Yamaha Outboard Trim Down And Up

2004 60 Hp Yamaha Outboard Trim Down And Up | Did you have problem try to trim the motor (2004 60 horsepower Yamaha outboard) down but it would go down. The relay switch is click but it still won't go down and you try the button at the motor but nothing happen. And maybe also you bleed the hydralic cylinder to let it go down and it did. Then you try to trim it back up but nothing happen. What do you think is wrong with it? 

Your problem could be either mechanical (hydraulic) or electrical. As the relay is clicking when you use the tilt/trim switch, you may find the problem in either the wiring to the tilt trim pump or the tilt trim electrical pump itself. There are two wires coming out of the tilt trim motor. Disconnect these two wires by unplugging them.

Now take a good 12 volt battery and run a wire from the + terminal and another wire from the - terminal to the two wires you disconnected at the tilt trim motor. Plug either one of the wires from the battery into either one of the two wires coming out of the tilt/trim motor. It doesn't matter which one. Now plug the other wire from the battery into the other connector coming out of the tilt/trim motor. One of four things will now happen.

1. A big spark and the wires you are holding get very hot and you need disconnect immediately! This indicates that you have a short to ground within the tilt/trim motor and the solution, you will need a new yamaha outboard motor.

2. You get a small spark but the wires still get very hot and you need disconnect. This indicates that either the tilt trim motor is seized or the hydraulics have a problem. You will need to remove the trim motor and run this same test, if the motor then works, your problem is in the hydraulics.

3. Nothing happens, no spark at all and you need disconnect it. This indicates an open circuit and no power is getting to the motor brushes, and also you need a new yamaha outboard motor.

4. You get a small spark and the tilt/trim motor starts to work and your tilt/trim motor either moves the cylinder or pumps but nothing moves, and also you need disconnect it. If this happens and nothing moves, reverse the wiring connections you made at the tilt/trim motor and the cylinder should now move.

Just to add a little tips, the relay could be clicking but not making electrical connection internally to send power to the motor. It has to make connection for the + and - , so check both, It would be best to use a voltmeter to check and see where you are getting power to and where you are not.

This result indicates that the wiring from the relay to the trim/tilt motor has an open, either at a connection or in the wires themselves. You may also try these techniques and tips on any type of yamaha outboard engines. Hopefully this will help you.
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